Aerial filming

Trust us. We fly drones since decade.

Our team consists of experienced and licensed drone operators. Thanks to this, we guarantee the highest quality of shots/photos and safety during project implementation.

We provide high-quality recordings and aerial photos. We take shots for advertising purposes, mass events, periodic documentation of construction investments and real estate recordings.


We specialize in taking “close range” shots and dynamic, tight shots using FPV drones.


We also create shots using the Hyperlapse technique, which allows for the documentation of long processes, which can then be presented in an accelerated form.







Here's what we've filmed.

See some of our backstage stuff.

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    Small recap of 2023 🎥🤘🏽
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    🎥 Backstage 

🎬 Krótkie video case study, które przygotowaliśmy dla @frosttruckserwis x @volvotruckspoland  x @ekoenergetyka. Byliśmy odpowiedzialni za realizacje video oraz sesję fotograficzną u klienta.
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